Luxury Fitness in Pasadena


The Guide to Luxury Fitness in Pasadena

Terraces at Ambassador Gardens is located amongst a plethora of high-end health and wellness studios each featuring their own unique luxury experience. Whether you’re looking to join an exclusive club with exceptional amenities or desire a state-of-the-art studio with unique benefits, the options are endless when you live in such a community.

What’s the best gym in Pasadena?

A chic atmosphere, Equinox is unmatched in its offerings when it comes to luxury fitness club memberships in Pasadena. Between their variety of classes, personal trainers for every fitness level and spa with a wide array of rejuvenating treatments, Equinox has everything you need in one desired location.

What’s the best yoga studio in Pasadena?

Hot 8 Yoga and Corepower Yoga are two of the highest rated yoga studios in Pasadena. Corepower Yoga offers a mix of regular and hot yoga classes, members love their instructors and flexible class schedules which start at 6am and go as late as 10 pm some evenings. Hot 8 Yoga is known for its sizable rooms, breathable floor design and refreshing cold eucalyptus towels. The unique class lineup helps members master 26 postures in one class or take their traditional yoga practice up-a-notch. Both studios offer a free week of classes, so you can experience both before making a decision.

What’s the best pilates studio in Pasadena?

Playhouse Pilates and Be Pilates are for those that prefer a more intimate workout setting with smaller class sizes. Be Pilates is a reformer only pilates studio with no more than 8 students in a class at a time. Members love the owner Ida and the studios personal approach to fitness; your first class is free. Playhouse Pilates offers both traditional reformer classes and mat pilates. The owner Charlyn is known for her deep knowledge of pilates’ practices and thoughtful teaching methods. Members benefit from small class sizes, but can also book duos if they want to workout with a friend or privates if one-on-one instruction is preferred.

What’s the best spinning studio in Pasadena?

When it comes to high-intensity spinning workouts, SoulCycle and Pedal Spin are the best of the best. With locations all over the country, SoulCycle is known for its high-energy, magnetic classes where members become addicted to “clipping in”.  Pedal Spin prides itself on being more than just a boutique spin studio, it also offers TRX, yoga and strength training classes. Members love that they can clip in one day and lift the next.

What’s the best Crossfit gym in Pasadena?

If you love the full-body movement, power and supportive environment of Crossfit, you can find a new community at either Divergent Crossfit or Crossfit Resistance. Divergent Crossift’s 5,000 sq ft. gym offers group classes, as well as private training, all under the watchful and encouraging eye of experienced coaches. Crossfit Resistance’s expansive, clean facility is known for creating a sense of community after the first class. The gym’s flexible schedule, knowledgeable coaching staff and loyal clientele are a testament to its success. Drop into either gym and experience the environments for yourself.

With a wide array of world-class wellness options mere minutes from your front door, Terraces is a haven for healthy living.

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