Buying a luxury condo in Pasadena? How to make the most of your outdoor space in four easy steps

Moving from a large estate property to a new luxury condo in Pasadena? You’re surely looking forward to being able to greatly reduce the maintenance required at home. You can also look forward to outdoor spaces that are serene and special, and far easier to take care of, by incorporating a few of today’s top outdoor trends in your new home.

1. Incorporate an outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to add charm, romantic appeal, and function to an outdoor space, which is why the trend has grown in popularity over the last several years. You can have one built, you can buy a freestanding outdoor fireplace or fire pit, or you can buy a new home in Pasadena at communities like Villas at the Ambassador Gardens, which offer built-in fireplaces on private terraces and rooftop decks (per plan).

One of the benefits to outdoor fireplaces is “their ability to add extra square footage to your living space by becoming an extension of your home’s interior,” said TMS Architects. “To enhance this effect, continue the style and color scheme you have used in your home and provide ample comfortable seating.”

2. Look for disappearing doors

One of the top luxury home trends today is indoor-outdoor living, and, increasingly, that means eliminating the barrier between the two spaces. Those who are in the market for a luxury condo in Pasadena are paying attention to not just how the outdoor spaces function, but how they integrate with the home’s floorplan and the desired lifestyle. This is one of the draws of luxury Pasadena communities like Villas at The Ambassador Gardens, which promote indoor-outdoor living through bi-fold doors that disappear so owners and friends can move seamlessly from indoor gathering spaces onto private terraces or rooftop decks.

3. Pick the right furniture

Getting the most out of your outdoor living space in your luxury new condo in Pasadena means having comfortable places to lounge and/or dine al fresco. When choosing outdoor furniture, experts like landscape Fernando Wong focus on two important tips: “Start with the style of the architecture and go for that spirit,” he told the New York Times, and make sure the scale of the pieces matches the space. “One of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re buying furniture is they get the scale wrong,” partner Tim Johnson Johnson said. “It’s too big and looks like a set from ‘Alice in Wonderland.’”

4. Create a container garden

Container gardens are a nationwide trend, and are showing up in spaces both large and small. Individuals and families who are downsizing from large Pasadena properties are especially appreciative of the ability to bring greenery and color to their outdoor space in a smaller footprint.

“You can grow flowers, herbs, and even vegetables in pots,” said Rodale’s Organic Life. “Container gardening is ideal for those with little or no garden space. In addition to growing flowers, gardeners limited to a balcony, small yard, or only a patch of sun on their driveway can produce a wide variety of vegetable crops in containers containers. Basil, chives, thyme, and other herbs also are quite happy growing in pots.”

Compact or dwarf varieties of many popular plants make filling out a container garden easier than ever, and edibles are another growing trend, said urban garden specialist Janella Sykes or Farmers Market Garden Center. “There’s a greater availability of edibles, which are huge right now. Blueberries and raspberries can be easily grown in a container now. The same is true of Heirloom tomatoes, which usually ramble and take up a lot of space, and vegetables like zucchini.”

You can also incorporate a few trees by choosing varieties that are manageable. Japanese maple and crape myrtles can stay compact and bring in beautiful color, while smaller citrus trees can also grow successfully in containers. Round out the space with a few favorite herbs; choose carefully and they can do double duty by keeping pests away. Mint is an effective mosquito repellant that has also been shown to shoo flies away. Lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, and basil have also proven to repel mosquitos.

For more information about buying a new luxury condo in Pasadena, visit Villas at the Ambassador Gardens from acclaimed Southern California builder and developer etco HOMES. These new high-end residences in the heart of Old Town combine spacious floorplans with sumptuous features including gourmet kitchens, private outdoor spaces, four-car garages, and elevators in each unit, with one of Southern California’s most coveted locations in the historic Ambassador Gardens. Villas is within easy walking distance to Pasadena’s best restaurants, shops, and cultural happenings, and ensconced within a century-old wonderland of rolling lawns, majestic oaks, lush gardens, meandering walkways, and calming fountains and streams. Add your name to the VIP Interest List to be kept up to date on important community information and ensure you can purchase one of these limited-edition luxury condos.


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